Presentation of the administration
What is the Apuseni Nature Park Administration
The Apuseni Nature Park Administration (ANPA) has the authority to analyze, plan, survey and control activities on the Apuseni Nature Park territory. It functions in base of an administration contract signed between the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and National Forest Authority - Romsilva. Through this contract, NFA-Romsilva has taken the responsibility to endow and finance the park administration for its well functioning.
Information for speleologists


We wish to inform you that starting with this year (2013), and until further notice, in order to obtain a permit from the Apuseni Nature Park Administration for speleological activities in the park, it is mandatory that you first obtain a document of authorization from the newly formed Commission for Speleological Patrimony, a scientific body that functions within the Romanian Ministry of Environment (their contact address is ).

The authorization must be received by the Apuseni Nature Park Administration together with the request for permit for the activities regarding the Apuseni Nature Park.

Thank you for your understanding!

The above-mentioned situation is stipulated in the following legal documents:

1. Gov. Ordinance no. 57/2007 approved by Law 49/2011 regarding the nature protected areas, the conservation of natural habitats, of wild flora and fauna, especially Art. 43 – paragraph 6-11, Art. 45 – paragraph 1-2

2. Ministry of Environment Order no. 1044/2012 regarding the approval of the Regulation of organization and functioning of the Commission for Speleological Patrimony, especially Art. 12

Apuseni Nature Park - European Destination of Excellence
EDEN is the acronym for European Destinations of Excellence, a project promoting sustainable tourism development models across the European Union. The project is based on national competitions that take place every year and result in the selection of a tourist “destination of excellence” for each participating country. Through the selection of destinations, EDEN effectively achieves the objective of drawing attention to the values, diversity and common features of European tourist destinations.
Through the EDEN project, each year, a new destination is chosen from the member states of the European Union to wich the title is attributed. There is a different theme for the competition each year, and in 2008-2009 it was Tourism and protected areas. In the fall of 2009, the EDEN title was awarded to the Apuseni Nature Park.
More about the project on the website of the European Commission.
Ghetarul de la Vartop

Peştera Gheţarul de la Vârtop (numită şi Peştera Minunată) este o peşteră frumos concreţionată, situată la aproximativ 1170 m altitudine, în apropierea cătunului Casa de Piatră din comuna Arieşeni, jud. Alba. Peştera este ascendentă (30 m denivelare pozitivă) şi are o lungime de aproximativ 340 m. Poate fi vizitată fără echipament special de parcurgere a verticalelor.

Accesul către peşteră se face pe o potecă semnalizată din cătunul Casa de Piatră, comuna Arieşeni. Până în Casa de Piatră se ajunge din centrul localităţii Gârda de Sus, pe drumul comunal paralel cu valea Gârda de Sus, iar spre amonte - valea Gârdişoara (între Gârda şi Casa de Piatră sunt 12 km).

Karst superlatives
On this page we invite you to take a tour of the most exquisite underground karst landscape elements that made up the basis for the establishment of the Apuseni Nature Park...

The Piatra Altarului (Altar Stone) Cave (scientific reserve)
Together with the famous Movile Cave, the Altar Stone Cave is considered a symbol for the karst phenomena of Romania, and is one of the most important in the world.


Extraordinary formations cover almost the entire cave. Varied and abundant calcite crystals, impressive large columns, or the discs considered a world's rarity give to this cave a fairytale appearance.


Maybe the most famous spelaeothems in the Altar Stone Cave are the "Water lilies" from the "Paradise Hall".